Volunteers Fun Night: Serving. More Fun in Greenhills Christian Fellowship

30 Nov


Every year, during the Christmas season, our local Church hosts an appreciation dinner to all the volunteers for our church’s ministries. The volunteers are the people who willingly and freely labor to do the work of the Lord, offering their gifts, talents, skills, time–their very selves to serve others and the Lord. They include the ushers, Growth Group leaders/hosts/coordinators, Sunday School teachers, Worship Band members, Sunday School teachers, etc. They play a big role and we acknowledge that God brought them to our church to be able to accomplish the task He has placed in our hands.

The celebration is a time not only to appreciate the volunteers and their work but also for fellowship, fun, and encouragement to continue to serve the Lord.

As a Growth Group/Y-Group leader, I’ve been invited and have been attending the appreciation night since 2007 and we’ve almost had the same program every year until last year when the planners organized a retreat instead of the usual dinner party. This year, however, it was a little bit more different than the previous years. The volunteers were invited to a fun night. The celebration was like a fair with food and activity booths where people really had fun! The night was filled with music, laughter, dancing, pictorials, and fellowship.


GCF Staff manning the registration.


The volunteers of our church having a fun night.

There were a lot of food and activity booths.


Aside from the dinner buffet, there were taho, pizza, and ice scramble. Much like a fair.


Pop corn booth.


Sweet treats. A booth where you could design your cone with candy sprinkles.


People lined up for the two photo booths provided.


Face painting.

A lot of other activities kept us entertained.


An acrobat was also hired to entertain us.


Ptr. Sam Rendal trying to beat the acrobat in juggling.

Each guest was given an item (a scarf, a headband, eyeglasses, masks, etc.) which was used to group them later on during the program. Each group was then asked to go on stage and do a number of activities.


The scarf team painting a picture of a scene in a zoo.


The headband team was asked to follow a video of a dance.


The mask team was also asked to follow a dance video.


Ptr. Sam served as the emcee for the night.


Of course, there were door prizes raffled out to the guests.

The most awaited number during the annual volunteers night is the dance number by the GCF Staff.


The boys.


And the girls.


Now together.


The “pastors” were also part of the song and dance number! From bottom-top: Ptr. Rommel Yazon, Ptr. Manny Enriquez (for real), Ptr. Art Handog, Ptr. Eugene Geanga, Ptr. Raul Caguin, and Ptr. Larry Pabiona.

The dance number by the GCF Staff culminated the first part of the program after which dinner began.


Enjoying the sumptuous dinner.

We were also entertained during dinner time.


The Elim ladies danced to a medley of ’80s music.


And the Barnabas singing group serenaded us for the night.

Ptr. Larry also gave an exhortation to the volunteers. His message was based on Mark 14:3-9 which he summarized by giving five (5) points:

  1. Serving God always requires sacrifice, and it may cost you a lot (v. 3 and 5).
  2. Your serving will influence more lives than you will ever realize (John 12:3).
  3. Your serving may not be always encouraged, may even be misunderstood (vv. 4-5).
  4. Your serving shows the extent of your consecration to the Lord (v. 6).
  5. Your serving will always be precious in the sight of the Lord (vv. 6, 9).

Ptr. Larry praying for the volunteers. Photo by Dan-Rae Mejia.

The Deacons and Deaconesses were then called onstage to be prayed over.


Ptr. Raul Caguin calling the Deacons and Deaconesses onstage.


Ptr. Larry Pabiona praying for the Deacons and Deaconesses.

To wrap the evening, the GCF staff lead the congregation in worship.


The GCF Staff leading the congregation in worship.


GCF Staff having a wacky photo shoot after-party.


Indeed, serving is more fun in GCF.

Thank you to all the GCF Staff and organizers for allowing us to experience fun in serving the Lord. To Him be all glory!


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