Mindanao trip (Part 2): Lake Sebu et al.

14 Aug

This is a continuation of my previous post on our trip to the south to attend Bitoy and Hazel’s wedding (Part 1) .

August 4. Post-wedding lunch @ Lake Sebu

Part of the activities that Bitoy and Hazel arranged for their guests is a lunch in Lake Sebu (which is incidentally the name of the town and the body of water), a natural lake in the Municipality of Surallah and one of the most important watersheds in the Philippines. Here you could see the Seven Falls, one of the main tourist attractions in South Cotabato, see members of the T’boli tribe, and (the best thing to do) experience riding the zip-line which, they say, is the highest in Asia.

I’m thankful to them for arranging all these activities (including transportation to and from the venues) for the guests. I can just imagine the stress Hazel went through. Planning for a wedding is already stressful. What more planning for four different activities for the wedding (remember the welcome dinner, pre-wedding Hawaiian party, wedding, and this post-wedding lunch).

The church.

August 4 was a Sunday so we went to a Worship Service at a local Church first before heading to Lake Sebu.

While waiting for the service to Lake Sebu.

Waiting for the service that will bring us to Lake Sebu.

It was a little past lunch when we arrived so we ate right away when we got to Hikong Restaurant. The main delicacy in Lake Sebu is Tilapia so it was understandable that there were three different dishes of Tilapia in the menu (grilled, crispy fried, and ginataan). There were also the T’boli playing their native instruments but I didn’t bother to take a closer look at them nor take their pictures.

Seven Falls and zip-line

Teacher Ces with Falls #1(?) in the background.

Teacher Ces posing with one of the falls in the background.

Falls No. 1

The same falls taken from a different view. It was breathtaking to look at the falls. At the same time it was scary because I can imagine the pressure and volume of water flowing from the top. I thought, where did all the water come from? Hehe! (I actually wonder if it could run out of water).

Photo galore!

Photo galore! (As usual).

Luan trying the zipline.

Luan trying the zip-line.

I was actually more afraid that I would drop my phone than for my life. Hehe! :)

I was actually more afraid that I would drop my phone than for my life. Hehe! 🙂 Oo, kelangan i-video.

And here are the videos. The zip-line was actually a “round trip”…you get to ride it two times, back and forth.

(Pardon my shouts. It was not scary at all. The manong who strapped us up instructed us to shout eh napa-OA ‘yung sigaw ko. The manong actually said, “…ready to release…one, two, three, o sigaw!).

Two of the seven falls in Lake Sebu. I'm not sure what number they are.

Two more of the Seven Falls in Lake Sebu. Photo on the right is a close-up of the upper-right falls in the left photo.

One of the falls.

Our guest coordinators are able to identify which is which among the falls. I can’t remember if this is #2 or #7.

Riding the motorcycle back to the resto

Luan and Yelli riding the motorcycle back to the starting point of the zip-line.

Punta Isla Lake Resort

We wanted to do the zip-line for a second time but the guest coordinators said they would be touring us to Punta Isla so we forego another round. Upon arrival, this is what we saw…whoa!

The floating restaurant in Punta Isla

The floating restaurant in Punta Isla, the most popular resort in the area.

View of Lake Sebu from Punta Isla

View of the lake from Punta Isla.

Boat riding

We went boat riding! Yay! 🙂

GC turned tourist guide

Irene, our guest coordinator turned tour guide. I’m amazed how she did well giving us very detailed information about the Lake. She knew everything…how may resorts are around the lake, the names of all the islands in the lake and which is which, its socio-economic profile, etc. She’s a Tourism student. I don’t think I can ever be a tour guide.

The following are pictures taken during our boat ride…

Water lilies floating...

Water lilies floating.

There are actually people who live in the islands of the lake...

There are actually people who live in the islands in the lake. Can you imagine what’s it like to live far from civilization? There’s no electricity, internet, a sari-sari store, or even a hospital in the lake.

A passage to one of the islands

Entering a passage to one of the islands.

More pictures of houses.

Houses are isolated from neighbors.

Fishpens. Primary livelihood is Tilapia farming

Fish pens. Tilapia farming is the primary livelihood of the people in Lake Sebu. That explains the Tilapia we ate during lunch. 🙂

T'boli wooden boat

T’boli wooden boats. This is their “automobile” and mode of transportation to get to the mainland.

We even saw a bird while touring the lake

We saw a bird while touring the lake.

A house in the middle of fishpens

A house in the middle of fish pens.

The floating restaurant and cottages of Punta Isla view coming from the lake.

The floating restaurant and cottages of Punta Isla, view coming from the lake.


Photo galore after the boat ride.

P65 for a movie...

After Punta Isla, we went back to Koronadal and, guess what, watched a movie. Yes, we only paid P65 for “Bakit ‘di ka crush ng crush mo?”

August 5. General Santos

By this time, it was only me, hubby, and Luan who were left among our Growth Group who attended the wedding. We planned ahead to go to Gen San for the remaining days left to see the place also…

Giant lankas

These lankas are HUGE!

Enjoying our buko halo-halos

We tried the buko halo-halo in Aparejo’s before heading to GenSan.


Tambay while waiting for the service to GenSan.

Driggs Pension House

Upon arrival in Driggs Pension House, Irene (GC) asked to have a picture taken with us. We call her Jodi ’cause she really looks like Jodi Sta. Maria in person. She said that a lot of people already told her that.

Driggs Pension House

Driggs Pension House is worth mentioning for its affordable and quality service. Rates start at less than a thousand pesos for a new, clean, modern standard room.

Sarangani Highlands

With Irene, the CG, who we call Jodie, because she really looks like Jodi Sta. Maria in person.

Sarangani Highlands is a mountain view resort.

A perfect wedding venue

A nice venue for a wedding.


Photo galore again. What else is new?

Panoramic view of Saranggani Bay.

Panoramic view of Sarangani Bay.



Doors are painted with different flowers...

Room doors are decorated with actual flower paintings on canvas.

Let's take a solo picture naman of hubby.

Let’s take a solo picture naman of hubby.

Hanging around...

Hanging around.


A painting of a T’boli woman displayed in the receiving area of Sarangani Highlands. The receptionist there said this costed P100,000!

Touring around Gensan

The taxi driver on our way back to the city was kind enough to tour us around in his taxi since it was raining. On top is a posh mall competing with the popular Gaisano, SM, and Robinsons malls in GenSan. Below is supposedly a building of Manny Pacquiao.

August 6. Departure

Last day. Our flight home was at 3.30 PM. We just bought pasalubongs in the morning, ate lunch, then headed to the airport and waited for our flight back to Manila. A friend’s aunt accompanied us and brought us to the airport.

Plaza Heneral

Passing by Plaza Heneral.

Mountain views from Gensan airport

Fields and mountains can be seen from the General Santos International Airport.

Waiting to board the plane back to Manila.

Waiting to board the plane back to Manila.

Random thoughts

1. Thanks to Picasa (which I just recently discovered how to use). It made my pictures look like they were not taken using a camera phone.

2. I need a stand-alone camera. Any recommendations? I’m not into photography, so a simple point-and-shoot one will do.

3. I miss blogging. This is actually my nth attempt to blog.

4. I should blog more frequently.


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