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Touring Taal, Ortigas, and Intramuros

22 Dec

We have a cousin (together with her husband) who we met for the very first time when they visited the Philippines last November (you can read about it here). We toured them around but it seemed that we ourselves were the tourists. We took more pictures than they did. Haha! 🙂

Sharing the places we went to…

(Too lazy to put caption on the pictures, sorry). Continue reading


Meeting my cousin (one of a twin) for the first time

22 Dec

Who would imagine that we would be meeting each other face-to-face? We were pen pals when we were kids, back in the 80s when there was no Internet yet. We sent each other letters and stickers. But it was only for a time. When Facebook came along, we re-connected. But didn’t really get in touch regularly. She and her husband traveled around the world, and I was just too excited when they said that they’re dropping by Manila. Continue reading

Our home

18 Dec

How time flies! It has been exactly a year since we moved to a new home (and yes, I’ve been that busy to post an entry into this blog only for the 3rd time this year…so much for starting a blog). Continue reading