Our home

18 Dec

How time flies! It has been exactly a year since we moved to a new home (and yes, I’ve been that busy to post an entry into this blog only for the 3rd time this year…so much for starting a blog).

The move was a quick one. Although we’ve been praying and looking for a place to move into for a couple of years already, we weren’t able to do so. I can remember that when December came last year, we were struck with the realization that we needed to move to a bigger house quickly (as in before the year ends, so that leaves us with only a month). Finding a house doesn’t happen overnight. But our move seemed like it did. Saw the add in sulit.com.ph on December 7. Checked it out the following day. Decided and informed the owner that we’ll take it on the 10th, signed the contract on the 13th, and moved early morning of December 18. Took us only 3 days to pack our things (if you think our things are few to pack in 3 days, I still think it’s a lot).

Our home is a blessing from God. I never thought we would be able to live in the community we live in right now, at the very exact spot where I wanted to. Our home has been open and has received people, friends, relatives, and churchmates. It has been a home away from home for friends and relatives who visit Manila from the province (and abroad), a hangout place (and a coffee house) for our friends from Church, and once a refuge for a little kid.

May our home be a place where people will be ministered to and see Jesus Christ through the hospitality and kindness that we offer.

Showing pictures of our house before (empty) and after (occupied/current look). I’m not good at design or the arts so this is really the best that I could come up with. Apologies also for the poor quality of the pics.


So this is home.

Kitchen and dining.


Master's bedroom.

Master bedroom.

Another bedroom. This is...

Bedroom #2. This is actually part of the living room but the owner put a divider in it and made it into another room.



Nothing really changed with the look of the restroom.

Nothing really changed much with the restroom.

We would love to have you over our home. We’ll serve you coffee or tea and some sweets when you do come by. 🙂


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