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Our little one turns two

27 Mar

A few days before our little one’s (LO) 2nd birthday, I found myself cramming and thinking how to celebrate it. Unlike her 1st birthday, I didn’t make any plans for it. Dining out is already a given (and, admittedly, it is more for us, the parents, than for her. But hey, it’s our birthday as well, we are celebrating our 2nd year as parents). I also felt that simply dining out wouldn’t suffice because we don’t even have either of our immediate families to join us. Continue reading


For my two-year old

18 Mar

Dear Carissa,

Happy birthday!

Do you know that the first words I told you when I held you the first time when you were born were ‘Happy birthday?’ It has been two years already and I can’t believe it passed by so fast. From a 5.5-lb newborn baby, you’ve grown to be a very charming toddler that everyone loves. Continue reading