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For my two-year old

18 Mar

Dear Carissa,

Happy birthday!

Do you know that the first words I told you when I held you the first time when you were born were ‘Happy birthday?’ It has been two years already and I can’t believe it passed by so fast. From a 5.5-lb newborn baby, you’ve grown to be a very charming toddler that everyone loves. Continue reading


A baby shower for Andrei Nigel

15 Jan

​We threw a baby shower for our fellow pastor’s wife, Nikki, wife of Pastor Gelo Tuanqui, yesterday. We held the party at Pastor Manny and Ate Tintin Enriquez’s house in Quezon City. Continue reading

The Serenity Prayer

1 Jan


The famous “Serenity Prayer” which we all know as a single prose is actually a modification and just a part of an untitled prayer authored by Reinhold Niebuhr. Continue reading